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martedì 1 maggio 2012

Eva Won Album is Out

  1. Do you remember (add guitar and theremin by Luca Tanzini)
     2.   See you in the sun
     3.   Water
     4.   When you snore (feat. Fabbi Oskar)
     5.   City garden (bedroom  take)
     6.   37
     7.   Caldo (add guitars by Grip Casino)
     8.   Father Williams (lyrics extracted from Alice Underground
     9.   Tangerine love (guitar by Edroado Calcutta)
    10 A. (lyrics by Trapcoustic)
    11My bunny lies over the ocean (traditional Scottish song)
    12  .City garden (radio edit)

Music, lyrics, vocals, electric guitar, bass, keyboard & piano  by Eva Won

Recorded by Eva won in her room except for
1 at Practice room - Forte Fanfulla. 4 in San Vito (CH) by Fabbi Oskar. 11 Circolo Lettori/Alpacha - Forte Fanfulla by Manuel Cascone
Vocals in 2, 7, 10, 12 in her room and at Dal Verme by Manuel Cascone

Arranged and edited by Eva Won & Manuel Cascone (2, 7, 10, 11,12)
Edroado Calcutta (6, 9), Fabbi Oskar (4)
Mixed by Eva Won, Manuel Cascone & Grip Casino

Design by Simon Sto & Re delle Aringhe
Cover Art by Emanuela Garcia & Eva Won
Dedicated to the memory of Vinz Amato
Geograph Rec. 2012

Artist: Eva Won

Album title: S/t

Label: Geograph records 004

Lenght: 27' 15''

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