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Rome - Contact & order:

mercoledì 28 settembre 2011

Harmony Molina is Out - Let's buy it

Artist: Harmony Molina

Album title: English muffins for breakfast while you're smoothly rubbing your legs against mine

Label: Geograph records 003

Lenght: 27' 55''

 1  - American girl
 2  - I can see your eyes through my window
 3  - Betsy Rose
 4  - Killing time
 5  - Broadway
 6  - Another song
 7  - Sweet
 8  - My dream
 9  - The smelliest flowers are moms
10 - Alice

Music and lyrics by Harmony Molina
Recorded in Harmony's room, with boombox radio except "the smelliest flowers are moms" recorded at Brunos room, with his computer. Berlin. 2011.

Design by Simon Sto
Cover art by Emanuela Garcia & Harmony Molina
Geograph rec. 2011

Listen now - "Another song" by Harmony Molina

lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Harmony Molina soon on Geograph

Sunday September 25th 2011

- record number 003 OUT by

Harmony Molina

Pablo Andres Molina (Born 3 December 1980), better known by the stage name Harmony Molina, is a chilean singer and songwriter. His music is frecuently minimal in style, many of his songs consisting merely of vocals accompanied by either drums or guitar, which he mostly plays himself. He is known for his intimate live shows. He is currently living in Berlin, Germany.

lunedì 20 giugno 2011

Trapcoustic - Bonsai Heart - Geograph 002 is OUT !

Artist: Trapcoustic

Album: Bonsai Heart

Label: Geograph records 002

Lenght: 33' 15''

1 - Searching the void -
2 - Don't tell me lies -
3 - Bonsai -
4 - She's like the sperm of god -
5 - Springtime -
6 - Toulouse Lautrec -
7 - 21st century boy (written by Sigue Sigue Sputnik) -
8 - Yellow ize -
9 - Venus for mars

Music and lyrics by Trapcoustic except track 7
Vocals, 12 string guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro, toy ukulele, violin, piano, theremin by Trapcoustic
Recorded, arranged and edited by Trapcoustic in his bedroom
Mastered by Grip Casino

Cover art by Emanuela Garcia

Here's the record.
Broadly speaking is a record of love.
It tells about love and youth.
Like a tale.
Let's say they're all love songs dedicated to the girls I had and those I couldn't have.
It's called BONSAI HEART.
I hope you like it.


lunedì 16 maggio 2011


We are proud to present the second exit, the second record.
It's coming "Bonsai Heart", an album of love songs composed by Trapcoustic, bishop of the undergrowth of the cultural city of Rome.  

A character who moves between different pseudonyms and music projects but which is essentially Demented Burrocacao, this time really could create a magical work, we are happy to listen to a disc with you to stay.  

Enchanting music that will be presented to the public Wednesday, June 15, 2011 in a library, Flexi library, in Rione Monti (Rome). at 6.30 p.m.

sabato 23 aprile 2011

New Stuff

Hello to you all, boys and girls, new releases are preparing for the Geograph, incoming disc TRAPCOUSTIC and EVA WON two pearls of pop to short on the shelves, start booking ... dates and events in quick!

domenica 13 marzo 2011


Grip Casino - STLNV

Artist: Grip Casino

Album: STLNV

Label: Geograph records 001

Lenght: 31'44''

1 - Hotel Bloedel (written by Mark Smith and Steve Hanley) - 2 - Skit one - 3 - Skit two - 4 - Judge me - 5 - Skit three - 6 - Handshake 7 - Divided between two wills (played and recorded with Flavio Scutti and Raffaele Mastrovincenzo) - 8 - Nervi - 9 - Skit four - 10 - Mary burned his finger - 11 - Skit five - 12 - Work - 13 - When I get to heaven - 14 - Tones (played and recorded with Flavio Scutti and Raffaele Mastrovincenzo) - 15 - Judge me reprise (drummed by Mauro Sardi)

1, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 13 recorded at KK Studio by Massimino Number 71 Monobanda on december, 8th 2010 in Rome (Italy).

Big Bang

And 'officially been the emergence of new cultural portal, a new lazy and microscopic Italian production house. The first product introduced on the market is a mysterious music. A limited tape edition of 50 copies and a unlimited Cd-r edition Grip Casino. Musician based in Rome.

We hope you enjoy it. Contact and orders: 
geograph.issues @