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mercoledì 21 maggio 2014

28th May 2014 - Out

Artist: Gene
Album title: The wheel of need
Label: Geograph records 010
Length: 30' 21''
release date: May 28th 2014

Gene (aka 'Urge') born Jevgenij Turovskiy in Karaganda (Kazakhstan) in 1981, is a song-writer and a musician currently living in Berlin. Spending his teens in Budapest and moving to Germany in 2001 he went through a various phases of musical development. From electroacoustic pop tunes to post-modern avantgarde experimentalism. In Berlin's blooming underground scene he has been active under the moniker. ''Urge'' or ''Urged''. His pieces vary from bright-psychotic piano-loaded ballads to sinister-psychedelic guitar-driven pop-songs. Gene's live performances are known for their emotional intensity. After a couple of self-releases and a multiple collaborations, including artists like Delmore Fx & Mela Zeta (D.A.S.), Sean Derrick Cooper Marquand (Friends of Saggitarius Records), Fabio Besomi (Il Domani) or NYX (Shockingfilm) he is finally releasing his first official debut on our label.

Intriguingly titled ''The Wheel of Need'' this album is haunting, witty and vicious. Filled with sharp electronics guided by the seemingly simple, but effective guitar-riffs with a deeply emotional and otherworldly vocals, it delivers an unique sound that is hard to put into any category. Perhaps Avantpop with a healthy touch of psychedelia would be the closest way to describe it. These songs will induce a sort of a hypnosis at the same time providing a strong lyrical content. It is a journey, an incredible story about alienation and despair, full of dark humor and a neo-romantic naivité. And like any story it has its prologue, its climax and a resolution at the end. It is definitely a work in its own right.

01 – Believe now
02 – Hustle blues
03 – Her long dress
04 - The keys
05 - The wheel of need
06 - The christmas is down
07 - It's lonely
08 - Don't
09 - Sinterlude
10 – Last chance
11 – I remember
12 - In this part of town

Music & lyrics: Gene

Cover Art: Francesca Grossi
Cd Photo: Anna Motterle
Design: Simone Sto

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